Good bye from iFor - VACATING TENANTS

Your tenancy is about to expire and we want to ensure that you are aware of your obligations to ensure that:


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- You leave the property by the end of your tenancy

- Ensure that the rent is up to date

- You are aware of the procedure for the return of your deposit (if you have initially paid this to us) and deductions from the deposit, if any

- Your property is left in a clean and tidy condition and that you have complied with your repairing - obligations

- You have given to us your forwarding address, a stamped self address envelope

- Handing in all the keys (labelled in full) to the property by midday of 30th June, penaties shall be made for late returns as your tenancy expires at midday.

- Removal of ALL your belongings 

- Providing receipted stamped final bills for, gas, electricity, water rates, council tax and telephone


By ensuring all of the above are thoroughly adhered to shall ensure a swift return of any bond retention we hold against your property. As well as the attached information please use our website for further moving out information. Please read the attached for further details to ensure all aspects of the move out are fully adhered to.