New recruits - Maintenance Team

G'day Folks,

I'm Matt Cope, the new Kiwi Maintenance Manager for iforhomes. I have only very recently joined the iforhomes team, but have quickly settled-in and am working hard to get through a current back-log of your maintenance issues.

I have extensive experience as a Hotel Engineer and Facilities Mananger and am also a fully qualified electrician, I intend to call-on all my qualifications & experience to help create a more responsive service for our customers...we are making some real positive in-roads already and this will hopefully be reflected by a more visible and expeditious response to your maintenance issues going forward.

I am joined by Andy who is our very experienced & full-time handyman. We also have a small team of trusted contractors who we utilise to assist us in getting through the various range of maintenance issues, ranging from gutter-leaks & washing-machine repairs to furniture installations & fire-safety testing. A very comprehensive list of services needing constant inspection, repair &/or servicing across all the sites we manage.

If you have any issues/concerns that you feel need my urgent attention, please don't hesitate to contact me at our office on 0113 243 6027 or even pop into the office to catch me in person.

We welcome any feedback at any time, positive or negative, so that we can learn from it and serve you better going forward.

We look forward to being of service to you.

Thanks & regards,

Matt & Andy
iforhomes Maintenance Team