The hunt begins!

He who dares wins


This year we have seen a huge increase in enquiries at an early stage. We have always had pride in being a step ahead of the game and have had our marketing material live for over a month now. In the past few weeks we have been inundated with requests for viewings - and as a result have a full diary of viewings in the coming week; we have postponed many viewings through courtesy of our current tenants who we hope will stay with us. Inevatibly some will move on, and we hope to meet lots of new people and get some new tenants too!

Last year it was not until January that we saw such demand for viewings, from the early signs it looks like people are starting early in hope of sounding out the best homes. It was unfortunate last year many applicants missed out due to being slow off the mark in the house hunt, as expected the best goes first.  As landlord it is not in our favour to play the 'pushy salesman' as at the end of the day we will have to service you for the next 12months (hopefully longer!) We understand it is an important decission, but our advice is if you like what you see sign quick!

We are inundated with enquiries at the moment and we urge you to take a look through what we have to offer and arrange a viewing, our friendly staff are happy to help you find your ideal home with over 800 bed spaces to choose from. Our high specification means we have a very competitive stock so good luck and we hope to hear from you soon.