What we do

Accompanied viewings of the properties of interest.

Speedy processing of references to ensure that tenants can move into properties with a minimum of delay.

We hold full Professional Indemnity Insurance and all tenants' monies and deposits are held in accordance with current guidelines.

Our professional and friendly team remove the pressure associated with finding a suitable property by always being available to help in finding you the property that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Matching of requirements with our extensive database of available properties.

Offer a in house maintenance team that will ensure that any issue are dealt with swiftly and properly.

Offer advice on the local area meaning that we can advise you on finding a property that does more than provide you with accommodation. We will always take your needs into consideration first.

Please note that in certain circumstances access may be required to undertake decorative works during the tenancy

 Tenants may be required to provide references, this may be from a landlord, employer or we may need to contact a third party referencing company. If this is required we will provide details at the time. 


Step 1


Pick your property! With our expert advisers and vast property portfolio we are fully qualified to be able to give you the right home that matches your needs and requirements. Once you have given us your specifications we then arrange accompanied viewings to a selection of properties. At this point we can answer any questions you my have and offer advice on location, types of properties that are best suited to you.



Step 2


Once you have found the perfect property you will need to fill in 2 forms. A tenancy application form which can be done online in the office or emailed and a guarantor form which needs to be completed, signed and returned asap. Both forms require photographic ID.


At this stage we require a bond/dpeosit to secure the property. This shows your commitment and means your property is taken off the market and reserved until completion of the sign up process.

1 & 2 bed properties require  the equivalent of 1 months rent to be held as a deposit. 

3+ bed properties require £300 per tenant to be held as a deposit. 

It should be noted that prior to moving in the first months rent shall be required in advance, this can be paid anytime before moving in but please be aware that without the first months rent for all tenants the keys cannot be released. This does does not need to be paid at this point but would just like to make you aware of the procedure.

Once you have handed in your tenancy form we will begin to reference you providing enough time to get your guarantor form completed. You will be given a blank copy of the tenancy application form to read through at your leisure. If references are required we reserve the right to contact anyone whose information has been provided within the application form. 



Step 3


Once you have completed the steps above you can come and sign your contract for the property. It is essential all monies for sign up fees and bonds have been paid in full by all tenants. Please ensure that you bring all relevant documents when signing up if they have not yet been returned. Below is a checklist for you to help prevent any upset;

Fully completed application form with copy of ID

Fully completed and signed guarantor form with copy of ID

Payment in clear funds of sign up fee

Payment in clear funds of bond

It should be noted that prior to moving in the first months rent shall be required in advance. This can be paid anytime prior to moving in but please be aware that without the first months rent for all tenants the keys cannot be released.



Step 4


We aim to accommodate tenants required moving days as much as possible to get people in as swiftly as they need to be. However please ensure that in order for this we require all the application procedure to have been fully completed. 

Once the sign up procedure is complete and money is received we will confirm a check in time. At the time of check in any relevant guarantor agreements (which are attached to the tenancy agreement) must be pre-signed and brought with you if guarantors are not attending check in. 

All check in’s are done at our office 2 Blenheim Terrace, Leeds, LS2 9JG

Please allow a minimum of 30 minutes for reading through the tenancy agreement and any other documents

You will be provided with a welcome pack including a property specific file, a copy of the tenancy agreement, an inventory form to be completed by yourselves and the keys.