End of Tenancy

I don't want to move out!

If this is the case please contact our rentals team, for details of who to contact see the contact listings. As a general rule we begin advertising for the following year around December. At this point we shall send you a letter to remind you. This letter will include a form to fill out if you wish to resign, further details will explain the process in the letter. If we do not receive a reply withn two weeks we shall begin to advertise the property and will conduct viewings, we shall give you notice as per your contract. There is no charge to you as a tenant for this.

You are still able to resign up until the point that we find a new tenant for the following year.

Giving notice

Please refer to your tenancy agreement for clarification of the agreed period of notification. It is essential that notice must be given in writing either by letter or email to the relevant contact. You should await for confirmation to be given that the notice has been received and clarification of your last day, along with following the standard vacation procedures which are detailed below.

If you decide to leave the property at the end of your tenancy we hope you have enjoyed your stay! There are a few last things we ask of you as part of the moving out process.

Firstly if you know the date you are moving out...

Inform us as we need to ensure the property is ready for he new tenants. We understand that quite often tenants leave the property a few days or weeks before the tenancy legally ends. Of course you may be staying until the last day of contract and that is perfectly fine, if you could simply email us to inform us of the date you intend to leave we can get the inventory completed which will speed up the return process of your deposit.


Just before you leave the property you should take your final meter readings for all your utilities and call your chosen providers with them in order to submit so they can provide you with your final bill. When you return your keys you will be asked to fill out a forwarding address form. This address will be used for us to forward any unpaid bills.


As you leave the property we ask that you leave it as you found it, all furniture must be in its correct place, and all areas should be cleaned and left in an acceptable manner. This should include skirting boards, windows and fridges (NOTE: please turn the fridge and freezer off but leave the doors open), ovens, hobs, mould around the windows/baths and thourough cleaning of floor areas.

Keys please!

All keys must be returned on, or before the last day of your tenancy to our office. If it is before the date of your tenancy ending please contact us to arrange when you will be able to return your keys, ensure all the keys given to you when you moved in are labelled and as they were when you received them. The tenancy is deemed to be running until receipt of the keys and extra days of rent will be charged for later return of keys or the charge of a lock change if applicable.


If tenants require a reference we are happy to provide one free of charge. Please email details through to rentals@iforhomes.co.uk 




Standing orders & post

You must cancel any standing orders with your bank as they will not accept instruction from ourselves. We charge a fee of £20 for dealing with over payments at the end of a tenancy.


Please ensure you have arranged for redirection of any post items as we will not be responsible for forwarding them on.

Final inspection!

This will be carried out once you have vacated the property and returned the keys. We will be checking the property against our the inventory taken at the start of the tenancy, as well as using our own judgement as to the upkeep of the property. Both the tenant and landlord will then receive a copy of the report. Any possessions left in the properties will be dealt with accordingly. If believed to be of little value we shall dispose of anything left behind and charges for this will be passed on. Any item deemed of value shall be kept in storage and charged for at £50 per week upon its return.

Bond deductions and return of the bond

When you return your keys you will be asked to fill out a forwarding address form. This address will be used for us to forward your bond to. Deductions, if applicable, will be agreed with the tenant and landlord, once this has been confirmed we shall arrange for the correct amount of bond to be returned to both tenant and landlord.