New Tenants

Along with the inaugural housewarming and arguing over who gets the big room, there are a few things we need you to do; if you aim to get these done within a week of moving in it will be of greatest benefit to both us and yourselves.

Check all your keys work!

Make an inventory

This is a requirement as per your contract which you signed; this must be completed and submitted within 7 days of taking the keys for the property. A blank inventory form is available to print from your welcome pack. This will be used at check out to help determine any bond deductions.

Your bond will be registered with

We require a detailed list of all furniture beneath the corresponding rooms. Although we do our best to ensure the flat is in a habitable state when you take over, any defects or faults within the flat when you collect the keys must be reported within the first week as not to be blamed for previous tenants doings. In such a case if you wish to provide small digital photos printed on a sheet of A4 you can staple them to your inventory to provide evidence.

In addition to these we require you to complete the meter readings for gas (if applicable) and electricity.

Protect yourself!

We recommend that you take out contents/renting insurance to protect your deposit against damage you might accidentally cause to the contents of the property, which you would be liable for. This would also protect you should you be so unfortunate to be a victim of burglary as our insurance covers only the building and not the contents within i.e your belongings.

Cleaning of the property & communals

Whilst the tenants are repsonsible for the cleaning of the internal parts of the flat, the communal areas of the development will be cleaned on a weekly/fortnightly/monthly basis on a fixed rota, details of which will be provided uopn move in or noted within the information area of the property. 

Familiarise yourselves with all the appliances

As part of your welcome pack you will have a copy of the user manuals for all your splendid appliances, heaters (electric or gas boiler), washer machine or washer/dryer, alarm if fitted, cooker/oven, fridge/freezer.

Get your property set up to your needs.

One of the easiest ways to save money in a home is by setting the heating system to your lifestyle. If you work 9-5, or are at uni for large periods of the day, it is both a financial and environmental waste to have your heating on all day. As a rule of thumb we suggest using your heating for a few hours in a morning, and a few hours on an evening. We suggest the following 6am-9am, 6pm-9pm. This will vary from property to property. For example our newer developments; such as Redcourt and Bexley Hall, may not even require this amount of heating, whereas some of our more period buildings with taller ceilings and larger rooms may take that extra little to heat.

Let your house breathe!

Just as you and I need to, your house needs to breathe. If your house has UPVC windows fitted they will either have trickle vents, which we advise you leave open to allow ventilation. With a house that is being heated, and with cold air outside, naturally due to the moisture content within a building (from breathing, moisture from drying clothes, etc.) This moisture condenses where the hot air meets the cold surface, generally external walls and window areas. This in time will cause mould issues where there is a build up of condensed water. So as tenants it is your responsibility to allow sufficient airflow to prevent such a build up of moisture.

Please find the condensation prevention guide and read through it. Any damp issues found  which are deemed to be through ignorance  of the guide will be chargeable to rectify and may affect your deposit.


As per the contract you signed you are liable for all utilities, these include gas if you have it, water, electricity and council tax. As part of your inventory you should have completed the meter readings for all of your provided utilities.

For those of you who are students you can get a council tax exemption form from Leeds city council, contract them on 0113 222 4404.

With regards to gas, electric and water you are required to call them and register as the new resident at the property, you may wish to add all of the housemates names to spread the liability. We advise that you shop around for the best tariff. Charges for electricity are per unit, to give you some idea, 20p per unit would be considered expensive, 6p would be considered cheap. It is likely that you will be asked for your average use. To work this out make a note of the meter reading, then re-read it one week later, multiply by 52 and you have your yearly consumption.

Please be aware if you fail to register yourselves with a provider it can cause problems for yourselves in the future; as we simply forward a copy of the tenancy agreement to the council.


Should you be looking for additional parking within a development we would suggest firstly looking on the notice boar of the development or speaking with fellow residents. Failing that spaces are often advertised on the following sites: