Tenancy Application

Tenancy Application


By accepting the terms and conditions you are agreeing to provide consent to contact you via text & email in future.  

Tenancy Details
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Current Property Information. Are you...
Housing Status:
If you are a private tenant please provide contact details for your current landlord or letting agent. Please use genuine information, checks shall be made with land registry to validate landlord and ownership.
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Financial History
Do you have any County Court Judgements, Court Decrees, Bankruptcy or Administration Orders?
Y/N if Yes give details.

Employment Details
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University Course Details
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Other Persons
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If you wish to apply to rent a property please refer to our terms and conditions. A tenancy will be subject to us receiving the administration fee, holding fee, a fully completed application form, satisfactory references and documents, a satisfactory credit search result and the landlord has accepted the offer.

If a prospective tenant withdraws their application after we have commenced referencing or the application is rejected due to adverse references, the fees will be forfeited to cover costs incurred. The fees will only be returned if the landlord withdraws the property or rejects the application prior to the commencement of referencing. Any holding fees shall be tranferred to a deposit upon all applicants having signed the AST.

We require payment of the first months rent and bond in cleared funds prior to moving into the property.


I hereby confirm that the information provided by me is to the best of my knowledge true. I consent to this information being verified by third parties detailed in this form. I understand that the results of referencing may be sent to the landlord and may be accessed again should I default on any payment or apply for a new tenancy agreement. I agree that iFor Homes may search the files of a credit reference agency.

I understand that the name and address of the credit reference agency to whom I may apply for a copy of the information provided.

I understand that in the event of a default on your rent payment, that such default may be recorded with the credit reference agency who may supply the information to other credit companies and/or insurers in the request for responsible granting of tenancies, insurance and credit.

I understand that in the event of any default by me in respect of the covenant in my tenancy agreement with my landlord, the information contained may be disclosed to one or more tracing companies and/or debt collection agencies in order to recover monies owed or to trace me.

I understand that if any information within this application is found to be untrue, my tenancy may be terminated. I also understand that any default with rent payment may affect any future applications for tenancies, credit or insurance.

I have read and understood the above.